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Educational Insight Part I: Medical Ethics
How Hindu Dharma Addresses 25 Controversial Medical Issues Frequently Encountered by Physicians
Educational Insight Part II: A Health-Care Provider's ...
Excerpts from a new booklet by Queensland Health, Australia
Culture: Namaste, Greeting the Divine
The Western handshake versus the Eastern anjali mudra: daily gestures that reveal much about two distinct cultures
Karnataka: Chitrapur's Innovative Leader
Sadyojat Shankarashram Swamiji sets new patterns for passing dharma to the next generation and service to his community
Minister's Message: Steps to Reach the Absolute
To attain our true Self requires honing our humility and aspiration through service, fitness and purification, followed by consistent meditation
Special Feature: After 150 Years, the Voice of Vivekananda ...
The religious beliefs of Indians and Americans bear the indelible imprint of this compellingly Hindu monk
Philosophy: The Ideal of Universal Religion
Excerpts from a talk by Swami Vivekananda in which he offers that yoga is the essential unity that underlies the the world’s diverse faiths
Health: "Diabesity:" A Modern Pandemic
A shift toward sugared foods and less physical activity has caused a steady rise in obesity and diabetes, leading to the greatest health crisis of our time
Sacred Arts: Poetess and Minstrel, Parvathy Baul Lives and ...
Bengal’s Mausumi Pairal heard Baul songs at age sixteen and was transformed. Initiated as Parvathy Baul, today she takes her Gurus’ songs to the world.
In My Opinion: Hindu AND American
How unity in diversity defines my religion, my country, its people and myself
Publisher's Desk: Advancing through Life’s Four ...
Applying the wisdom of ashrama dharma lends dignity and increasing purpose to every decade of life, but requires some new thinking
From the Agamas: How Do We Know What We Know?
True knowledge comes only from the power of pure consciousness
Philosophy: Vivekananda’s Quantum Leap
His understanding of matter and energy anticipated the discovery of the quantum—key to the inevitable merger of modern science with spirituality
Culture: Hinduism Is Right Next Door
My journey toward Hinduism taught me that anyone who is sincere and open-minded can find a place in this most ancient faith
Interviews: Tackling Today's Thorny Issues
HINDUISM TODAY asked three insightful ministers four tough questions at the Hindu Mandir Executives’ Conference held in California in August, 2012
Philosophy: Time, Our Hindu View
Musings on the perennial value and profound implications of our vast cycles of yugas and kalpas spanning trillions of years
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