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The Hindu Community Celebrates Anniversary

on 2017/5/14 20:01:28 ( 492 reads )


SPAIN, May 7, 2017 (Ceuta Actualidad, translated from Spanish): The Hindu temple celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. A distant memory are the meetings in private homes that had a sacred book and where even weddings were held. Much has changed for the Hindu community over the years. The construction of the temple was a watershed event. Before its construction the local government's councilor for development, Nicolas Fernandez Cucurull, offered a site on Echegaray street at a symbolic price of one euro and for a period of 50 years through a concession. Economic contributions of the Hindu devotees and the City allowed the place to take shape. Today it is the meeting point, for prayers of the community but it is also a place for visitors from other religions that come to meet the Hindus.

"The evolution has been very positive. We are fully integrated and our customs and festivities are known by all the citizens of Ceuta, who also participate actively," says the president of the community, Ramesh Chandiramani, who assures that "if it were not for our elderly who still wear typical Hindu clothing, we would go unnoticed in the day to day life in the city."

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